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FiNCA's Summer 2022 Drink Menu

Take a look at our Summer Menu that celebrates the best among us. ???? by the talented @andrewlymanworld


For the past two+ years we’ve been inundated and conditioned with rhetoric like “unprecedented times” and hourly heartbreaking news. While reality continues to hammer us down, we’re grabbing optimism and celebration by the horns and rocketing into Pride season. Pride celebrates what we know to be humanity’s finest moments of joy and perseverance. Our specialty drink menu, designed by our own Leet Grady, features spotlight odes to some of our favorite LGBTQ+ warriors and culturally silly tropes. From spritzer to latte, you’ll find a little something for EVERYONE.

  • Lavender Menace – June is for trouble-makin’, y’all! Introducing an ode to our own inspirational history: the Lavender Menace ???? Sip in honor of this instrumental lesbian advocacy group born in the second wave of feminism and monumental in the women’s liberation movement. Long thought of as a derogatory term, Lavender Menace was embraced by its subjects and converted into the power stance it is today. Enjoy this hot or iced colorful latte with our homemade lavender syrup and butterfly pea powder. Cheers, lezzies, this one’s for y’all! ????


  • Pam & Pam – We all know them, the lovely queer couple affectionately morphing into one another or maybe already calling each other by the same name…Insert: the Pam & Pam ????????‍????‍???????? Enjoy this iced or hot latte with black sesame syrup inspired by our pal Pam’s favorite Atlanta restaurant @okyakiatl. Celebrate those nutty happy couples out there with a sip of this ingenuity!
  • ????The U-HAUL???? – Introducing our summer seasonal spritzer! Enjoy an iced sparkling americano with orange basil syrup and local basil garnish. Whether it’s your 3rd date or midnight after the 1st kiss, every moving day needs a boost – so before you book and hook (hi Subaru) the U-haul…sip ours!
  • Tropical Fog – If you like piña coladas…???? try our Tropical Fog this summer! A bright take on the more traditional London Fog (what’s up Platinum Jubilee enthusiasts), sip our iced white tea + orange basil syrup, with a splash of @oatly and a maraschino cherry garnish.It’s Pride and we know you like making love at midnight, go tropical and be zipped to the dunes of the Cape with notes of passionfruit and pineapple. Bloom not gloom, baby!