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We present to you…drum roll, please… the OnomNOMatopoeia menu!

Snap, Frackle, Pop! (12 or 16 oz latte)

A cereal latte with espresso + Fruity Pebbles-infused oat milk. Yabadabadoo, and sashay away

This latte was inspired by the complex queer icon, RuPaul. On Friday nights, we’ll watch Drag Race, and the following morning, we’ll enjoy cereal & Saturday cartoons. 

Fun fact: Drag Race’s RuPaul Charles, started his career right here in ATL. In the 80s, RuPaul caught his first break, performing on The American Music Show, a local public access variety program that chronicled a glorious time in Atlanta’s New Wave Queer Underground. 

Ru, a girlboss in every sense of the word, may have brought drag to the mainstream, but she also has made some questionable choices. In particular, Ru’s fracking rigs on his Wyoming Ranch. Ah, the duality of girlboss.  

Sploosh (10oz Americano) 

A sapphic iced americano in honor of the film Holes, based on every 90’s kid’s first crush, Kissin’ Kate and her jar of famous spiced peaches

Sploosh is like something out of a movie: peaches, cinnamon, and a delicate touch of Georgia’s sweet Vidalia onion. One sip of Sploosh, a whoosh of nostalgia rolls in as we think back on our first sapphic crushes, Kissin’ Kate Barlow, played by Patricia Arquette, and for some, Sigourney Weaver’s character the Warden, a gay awakening for many. 

“Lip-smackin good!” – Kissin’ Kate

Vicki Pow! (12 oz or 16 oz latte)

A gingersnap cookie latte with espresso + any milk of your choice, honoring Queer DJ and ATL icon, Vicki Powell. With espresso, ginger and warming spices, this dose of midnight oil (or queer time conversion: 2 AM oil) will rattle you awake, so you can light up the dance floor late into the night. 

Vicki, is veteran DJ of the ATL queer dance underground and founder of Deep South, a DJ collective that promotes and books mostly female, trans, and nonbinary DJs. Vicky Pow! Is a drink celebrating the queer nightlife community!

Boi-oi-oi-oi-ng (16 oz iced espresso spritzer)

A fizzy espresso spritzer, with a cooling cucumber-ginger balsamic shrub. Feeling zonked? One sip, zip and zap, and you’ll suddenly bounce back from any lull. 

To add extra espresso in this refreshing drink, feel free to throw in more -oi’s in your boi-oi-oi-oi-ng as you order. 

Squishmallow (12 oz hot chocolate)

An orange hot chocolate, served with a roasted marshmallow on top! A drink for us neurodivergent queers, that collect squishies! This drink is a warm hug, an afternoon nap of heavenly proportions. Nuzzle up in a cozy corner, with clouds in your coffee, you’re so not vain, you probably don’t think this drink is about you. 

And for some buzz in your drink, ask for us to add some espresso.