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Queer & Caffeinated Artist Series

The ’23 Queer & Caffeinated Artist Collab is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Created in collaboration with Atlanta based artist and activist, Kristen Consuegra, this design lifts up the voices of leaders who came before us. We invite you to read their bio below and learn more through the links below.

Explore the inspiration collage here.

From the Artist // Kristen Consuegra

This shirt design is a collage of influences that have shaped my journey as a queer non-binary person. Incorporating imagery from movies, newspapers, posters, and graphics of queer liberation movements, it pays homage to the art that inspired me to embrace my identity. It facilitates a deep understanding of the cultural and historical contexts that have shaped queer narratives.

The design reflects a curiosity into the visual language of queerness, exploring foundational queer artwork and symbolism. It demonstrates how our queerness is inherently woven into everything we do.

With references to the origins of these symbols, I hope it can facilitate meaningful discussions, serve as an educational tool in a world where queerness is consistently suppressed, and invite others to explore their own stories within the framework of liberation and acceptance.

Kristen Consuegra
Director of Production
Living Walls, The City Speaks

This tee is available in sizes XS – 2XXL while supplies last. This is a loose fitting, boxy cut.

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